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All graphics and pictures linked from material authored by Sam Goldwasser are copyrighted by Sam Goldwasser unless otherwise noted.

Some files/documents at this site were authored in whole or in part by others. By-and-large, primary and/or claiming authors (often Sam Goldwasser) claim copyright for these files and usually state so within these documents. You must observe and comply with all lawful restrictions imposed by these authors whether or not they differ from my restrictions.

Unless otherwise stated, copies of any document at Don's web site may be freely distributed, but such copies must be complete and unaltered. Authorship and copyright information must be preserved, as well as any and all other text/factual/meaningful content. (To anybody as considered by the author.) If there is any doubt or question, no distribution of altered copies is permitted without advance permission of the author.

It is permitted to distribute incomplete copies of Don Klipstein's web material if all copyright and authorship information is maintained and not altered in any meaningful way and if whatever else included is unaltered (except to enable readability on specific systems, such as change in file format or adding/removing HTML tags) and the meaning of the included information is not changed or compromised by the removal of other information. If there is any doubt, do not distribute incomplete copies without advance permission of all copyright holders.
Distribution of copies of documents that have been translated into different file formats to permit readability of the entire document is permitted. Distribution of copies with HTML tags added or removed or both is permitted if all of the original meaning of the document is maintained.

In addition to free distribution, it is permissible to charge for copies up to and not exceeding costs of providing copies if such costs are actual, reasonable, ordinary, minimal, and do not include any premiums, service charges, salaries, commissions, the like, nor anything else besides your minimum actual cost of providing copies. In addition, anyone who charges for copies of my documents must freely upon request state where they got these documents and also must mention their availability on the web site (even if not requested):

This applies to documents by Donald L. Klipstein; other authors of documents that I provide may have different restrictions. Restrictions on alteration/translation of my documents are the same whether you charge for copies or provide them freely.

In the event of any question and/or doubt of compliance with copyright restrictions, you must either freely give (with no charge or compensation) complete, unaltered copies of documents in question or get written permission from the author before charging for providing copies or providing altered copies.

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