Silicon Sam's Technology Resource
Local Installation

Version 1.53

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Table of Contents


This document outlines the installation procedure to create a local browser accssible copy of Silicon Sam's Technology Resource - the complete set of Repair and Information Guides that I have authored. It consists of a set of HTML files and associated schematics, diagrams, and photographs.

Note: Some of these documents (the large electronics and appliance repair guides) are not as nicely formatted as those at the Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ sites - which you may prefer to view on-line. However, the ugly ones may be more recent versions.

Basic Installation

Important: does not include (Sam's Laser FAQ). This must be downloaded separately. The following assumes a first time install of SSTR. I routinely test all of this on both Unix (Sun OS/Solaris) and DOS under Win95/Win98. Please let me know if there are any problems.

Icons and Links

A set of icons are included for linking to Silicon Sam's Technology Resource or the full Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ from you own Web pages (sstr.gif or serfaq.gif, 64 x 64 pixels) and from Windows (sstr.ico or serfaq.ico, 32 x 32 pixels). For example:

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