Although I believe all information at this site is accurate unless specifically noted otherwise, there is no warranty of accuracy of such information.

I do not warranty test results, etc. Your mileage may vary from mine. Or, my mileage might be what's different. Most of my measurements are not made with instruments with calibrations traceable to the Bureau of Standards. Sample sizes are often small. I may fail to report, consider, or even know all factors that could affect reported results, or your results.

In addition, products tested/reviewed by me may not always be typical production units as of time of test or as of now. Products may also be changed, improved, or "improved" after units that I test were produced.

As for other sites that I provide links to:
I believe that at least some of the information at such sites is accurate (unless my link warns otherwise), and I find such information interesting.
I give no warranty that any of it is accurate. In most cases, nobody else associated with these sites gives any warranty of accuracy.

Whoever provides web site services (internet service providers, etc.) generally give no warranties of any kind as to information that they let their customers provide.

In addition, I specifically DISCLAIM any and all warranty(ies) of completeness of any information that I provide or give links to.
This *includes* (but is not limited to) any and all information as to risks, hazards, safety, test conditions and methods, etc.

Some devices, circuits, etc. described in my web site have known and/or suspected hazards to real and/or personal property and/or life forms including human beings and pets. Use such information only at your own risk, whether or not any suggested safety precautions are included with information about anything with known or possible hazards. It is impossible for me to know every risk about everything, and it is impossible for me to tell everyone all information needed as to how to build/operate/test or even posess hazardous objects, devices, or circuits described in my web site.

Please do not build, test, operate, posess, nor even get too close to anything described in this web site unless you are familiar with any and all hazards thereof, even ones not stated here or in links from here, and *certainly not* unless you are fully willing to assume all associated risks including any that I don't mention.

Sources and providers of information at this web site and other sites will not be responsible for anything that goes wrong.

Especially, please note that much information related to hazardous effects of electric shock is unreliable. Electrocution is unreliable, so is lack thereof when electric shock occurs. The most common cause of death from electric shock is ventricular fibrilation, yet there is no voltage, current, wattage, energy level, frequency, waveform, nor any combination of these guaranteed to always cause this.
Likewise, a wide range of voltages/currents/wattages/frequencies/waveforms/ energy levels/combinations-of-these considered "probably safe", "safe", or anything to this effect by some (maybe most) sources, could have some chance of causing death or serious injury.

Please also consider that CPR is not 100% effective.

For that matter, I hereby disclaim my website from warranty of safety, even if you practice what I preach or personally practice.

I also specifically disclaim any and all warranties as to any aspects of companies/suppliers mentioned in my site. I do not guarantee prices, availability, listed specifications, any differing specifications claimed by these companies/suppliers or anyone else, product quality, or quality or honesty of business practices of these companies and suppliers.

Written by Donald L. Klipstein.

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