Since blue LEDs do not have the novelty that they had a few years ago, I have largely eliminated this document.

Links to other stuff on blue LEDs and LEDs in general:

My LED top page.

My page on the different chemistries of LEDs.

My page on bright and efficient LEDs of every color including blue ones including supliers.

My page on Nichia, a pioneering major manufacturer of bright blue LEDs. Some notes on other manufacturers.

Cree, a pioneering manufacturer of blue LEDs including bright ones now.

ALERT - The Radio Shack 900-8005 is not a 450 nm blue as described in their "commercial catalog". It is a 470 nm one, probably a Nichia NSPB-500S.

My Blue LED Shootout - To show the advantages and disadvantages of popular vs. less-popular wavelengths for blue LEDs.