Don Klipstein's Xenon Mini FAQ

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1. Can You Help with repairs of Model XYZ?

Generally no. I ask that you don't ask me. Generic schematics and theory, as well as some specific schematics (probably not for Model XYZ however) are in Sam Goldwasser's Xenon Flash/Strobe document. I have a copy at

Other copies exist at Repairfaq sites such as

2. I Need A 12 Volt Strobe!

This would consist of a capacitor charging circuit, an energy storage capacitor, a flashtube, and a trigger circuit. The trigger circuit may have both high voltage and low voltage portions.

The main part is the capacitor charging circuit. I have one such thing that will work with minimal changes, the HSS1 circuit in Sam Goldwasser's Document. This has a link to the schematic. You will want some minor changes:

Replace R15 (5 meg) with a short circuit and change R14 (5 meg) to a value in the range of 3.3 meg (for 300 volts) to 4.7 meg (for 440 volts). Otherwise this circuit charges the energy storage capacitor to 900 volts.

An isolating trigger circuit (but requiring an externally supplied trigger signal) is included. But for use at 300-440 volts instead of 900 volts, replace R2 (10 meg) with a short and reduce the value of R3 from 10 meg to 4.7 meg (for use with 400-440 volts) to as low as 1 meg (for use with 300 volts).
For additional trigger info, go to my trigger circuit page. This will assume you have some knowledge of electronics. Please learn how to use timer and logic ICs such as the 555 and the 4017 since I don't have time to spoon-feed people in this area.

Please read the whole Sam Strobe Document and my xenon safety document before building a strobe.

3. Help - I need someone to build a strobe for me!

Sorry, I'm not the one to ask. Either pay a consultant $$$ per hour to build it or learn general electronic project skills and build it yourself. I do recommend first building a strobe from a kit - look in the catalogs of places that I mention in my Strobe / Flash / Parts Supplier Page. Please request catalogs since my info there on kit availability may not be current.

Also read that Sam stuff and my safety page mentioned above before building!

4. How Do I Make a Strobe that Produces Double Flashes or produces 2-left, 2-right?

My answer is to know how to use a 4017 to control two SCRs, each in separate trigger circuits. Some info in My Trigger Circuit Page.

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