Low Current LEDs
Good for Use As Indicator Lamps

Updated 9/5/2015.

LED indicator lamps do not need to use 10-20 mA.
These can use merely .2 to 3 milliamps!

My "Short List" of LEDs useful as indicator lamps at .2-2 milliamps, maybe much less. (Updated 9/5/2015)

Good reasons to use such LEDs, as well as additional specific part numbers including yellow ones.

Link to pulsing circuits for extreme LED efficiency at extreme low average currents. Most LEDs have best efficiency when instantaneous current is 1-10 mA, and pulsing circuits achieve optimization of efficiency when average current is .04 - 1 mA. Also mentioned is one LED with efficiency so good at extreme low current that pulsing may not have much benefit.

Written by Don Klipstein.

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